Love Heart Cereal 爱心谷粮
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EL Love Heart

EL Love Heart is a superhealth and beauty beverage that made from oat fiber, oat beta-glucan, organic soy powder, isolated soy protein, red rice powder, FOS (prebiotic), red beet extract and tremella extract. This combination makes Love Heart a super food in daily beverage.


How to consume our EL Love Heart Beverage?

  • Pour 2 scoop of EL Love Heart Beverage into a cup.
  • Pour 180ml-200ml of warm water into a cup.
  • Stir well and ready to drink !


Storage Instructions

  • Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature
  • Ensure the leftover powder been sealed properly after used.



爱心谷粮 是由燕麦纤维,燕麦Beta-葡聚糖,有机大豆,大豆蛋白,红米,寡糖,红甜菜根萃取和银耳萃取配制而成的健康饮料。在这巧妙融合下,爱心谷粮满足了每个人所需要的营养。



  • 加入两勺爱心谷粮进入杯中
  • 倒入大约180-200毫升的温水
  • 搅拌均匀,即可饮用!