Gold Plus Multigrain 黄金十谷
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EL Gold Plus

EL Gold Plus is a new healthy beverage that is formulated from brown rice, millet, red rice, black rice, pumpkin seed, barley, lotus seed, oats, non GMO corn, mung bean, adzuki bean, black bean, lutein(spinach) and with traces of chia seeds. All good nutrient was prepared well in just one glass for healthy and balanced diet. Plus, our beverage are free from any preservatives and chemical additives. Hence, EL Gold Plus Beverage is an ideal and healthy beverage among children and adults.


How to consume our EL Gold Plus Beverage?

  • Pour 2 scoop of EL Gold Plus Beverage into a cup.
  • Pour 180ml-200ml of warm water into a cup.
  • Stir well and ready to drink !


Storage Instructions

  • Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature
  • Ensure the leftover powder been sealed properly after used.



黄金十谷 是结合了多种的全谷类和蔬果,包括了糙米,小米,红米,黑米,南瓜籽,莲子,薏米,燕麦,绿豆和奇亚籽。黄金十谷不添加任何糖分,也富含植物营养素。每天饮用一杯“黄金十谷”更能摄取一整天所需的营养,保持体力充沛来面对一整天的挑战。


  • 加入两勺黄金十谷进入杯中
  • 倒入大约180-200毫升的热水
  • 搅拌均匀,即可饮用 !