Brown Rice Season Herbs 四神糙米
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EL Brown Rice Season Herbs Beverage ("Treasure all in one")

EL Brown Rice Season Herbs Beverage is processed using natural brown rice & Si Shen Prescription (Barley, Semen Euryales, Chinese Yam, Poriacocos & Lotus Seed). It is procesed using the advanced scientific method - Alpha Swelling Process, which is able to enhance & refine the brown rice and herbs into powder form so that it can be absorbed easily. EL Brown Rice Season Herbs Beverage is beneficial in enhancing the digestive system & body metabolism, thus refreshing & nourishing our mind. Plus, our beverage are free from any preservatives and chemical additives. Hence, EL Brown Rice Season Herbs Beverage is an ideal and healthy beverage among children and adults.


How to consume our EL Brown Rice Season Herbs Beverage?

  • Pour 25g of EL Brown Rice Season Herbs Beverage into a cup.
  • Pour 180ml-200ml of warm water into a cup.
  • Stir well and ready to drink !
  • For various taste, may adding our EL brown rice season herbs beverage to porridge or oatmeal according to your personal dietary preferences


Storage Instructions

  • Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature
  • Ensure the leftover powder been sealed properly after used.


EL 糙米四神 (“聚集一身的宝藏 ”)

四神 是采用传统开胃中药方如薏米,芡实,淮山,茯神以及莲子搭配糙米的方式,经过先进的膨化技术处理,饮用后除了能容易的吸收到中药的营养以外,也能起到耐饱的功效。此四神配方可有效促进肠胃蠕动,提升消化功能,加速新陈代谢,提神强志,补中益气,是老少皆宜的天然保健饮品。由于四神采用的各个中药配方都具有各种不同的丰富营养,因此常被顾客誉为“全身都是宝”美誉。



  • 倒入1条四神条装进入杯子。
  • 再倒入180ml - 200ml的温水。
  • 搅拌均匀,即可享用 !