Blueberry Fruits & Grains Healthy Bites 蓝莓健康谷粮
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EL Fruits & Grains Healthy Bites Bluebberry Flavour

EL Fruits & Grains Healthy Bites Bluebberry Flavour is a superhealth snack that made from a mixed of wholegrains, brown rice, corn grits, palm oil, and seasoning. The combination makes EL Fruits & Grains Healthy Bites Bluebberry Flavour  tastes delicious and healthy. Plus, our product not be fried, but baked to preserve the nutrition for consumers, free from chemical additives, zero cholesterol and zero trans fatty acids. Hence, our EL Fruits & Grains Healthy Bites Bluebberry Flavour  is a healthier choice for snack lovers !


How to consume our EL Fruits & Grains Healthy Bites Blueberry Flavour?

  • Add healthy grains to milk, soy milk or porridge according to personal dietary preferences
  • Can mix with dried fruits such as cashew beans, pistachios, almonds and pumpkin seeds to enhance the taste


Who can consume?

  • Suitable for children over 1 years old.


Storage Instructions

  • Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature
  • Ensure the leftover snack been sealed properly after used.



  • 采用全谷类混合制作

  • 不经油炸,而是以烘烤的方式来保留营养

  • 不含色素以及化学添加剂,零胆固醇,零反式脂肪酸

  • 荣获多项健康食品认证


  • 可依据个人饮食喜好在牛奶或粥内加入健康谷粮搭配食用
  • 可添加果干类如腰豆,开心果,杏仁,南瓜籽来提升口感




  • 存放于室温阴凉处
  • 确保开封后剩余的健康谷粮被正确密封